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Travel Tips

The contents presented here are based on my good and bad experiences in road, rail and air travels. Whether you travel alone or with kids or in groups of friends - there are likelyhood of unwanted occurrences during the course of a journey. Such incidences can only be minimized and may not be eliminated completely. The following summary of advices shall help you be prepared for most of the circumstances.

  • Keeps the number of luggages less say 2 ~ 3. For air travel, use a bigger bag to check-in most of the items which you do not need to carry in cabin. Even in rail travel or air travel - managing many smaller items are a bit combersome and likely to be misplaced.

    Travel Bags

  • If you develop vomiting tendencies or any of the members in travel group: keep toffees that taste a bit sour and mild sweetness. This will help delay the symptom but may not eliminate it. Note that this symptom is not a disease and cannot be avoided or treated medically. It is better to keep an opaque plastic bag in you packet for use when needed. This is especially helpful in cases where your co-passenger has this symptom and he was not prepared for it - Air Sickness Bag might be missing from the seat pockets. You may help her/him to help yourself.

    Air Sickness Bag

  • Many persons and kids feel ear buzz at high altitudes. Keep cotton or ear plug in your cabin baggage or in the pockets.

    Ear Plugs

  • If your travel is long and do not have power bank, option to charge your mobile phone - turn OFF mobile data when not needed. It reduces power consumption significantly.
  • Identity proofs are mandatary at airports. If you are traveling with kids, use appropriate card or badge holder to put them around the neck so that security staff can check as appropriate.

    Badge Holder

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