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External Aerodynamics

Flow over Aerofoil

The construction of OpenFOAM cases for flow over an aerofoil can be done in many ways. For example, the tutorial section demonstrates two methods. The first method uses simpleFoam to demonstrate steady state & incompressible flow over the aerofoil. This method focuses on the overall methodology and a mesh generated in other application has been used. The second method as described in section compressible / sonicFoam / ras which uses a mesh created in STAR and utility star3ToFoam to convert the mesh to the OpenFOAM format. Yet another method using the data points of the airfoil and GMSH is explained in this tutorial.

Mesh Generation using blockMesh

Parametric Model

This page demonstrates a method which can be used to generate mesh for flow over an aerofoil when the points defining the cross-section of the aerofoil is known. The aerofoil shape is created using arc and spline utility of blockMesh. The entire domain will look like as shown below.
Aerofoil Blocking

Mesh: Flow over Aerofoil

Mesh: Flow over Aerofoil

Using the boundary conditions defined in tutorial case incompressible / simpleFoam / airFoil2D, the pressure contour generated out simulation is as per screeshot shown below.
Aerofoil Blocking

The blockmeshDict file is here. The complete case data is here.

Check the effect of parameters on shape of the NACA airfoil:
Shapes of NACA Airfoils
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